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Rod Jenkins
~ Rod Jenkins ~

Who's Rod? Rod Jenkins: writer, businessman, political pundit, risk taker, artist, philosopher, internet guru, photographer, nature lover, environmentalist, physicist and Scientologist.

Grew up in middle-class suburbs of St. Louis during the age of Elvis and fast cars; worked for NASA Marshall Space Flight Center during the Apollo launches; EPA in Washington D.C. from the Nixon Watergate era through the early Reagan years; screenplay writing and environmental consulting in Los Angeles CA from '84 Olympics through OJ & Monica madness; instituted a state-of-the-art motor vehicle inspection program for the State of New Jersey in '99-'00 to save the Governor's Highway Trust Fund; and now engaged in several enterprises in Clearwater FL.

NOTE: Built over 15 years ago when the internet and web browsers were still in their infancy, I have kept the original website's very simple design and basic coding. If I ever find myself with too little to do, I will give it a facelift! Until then, it still serves as a central place for me to conveniently post writing, photos, video, links and information that are accessible to all my friends worldwide. However, because of the ease of posting to facebook, I admittedly post on facebook with greater frequency. So, if you're interested, be sure to join me on facebook as well. See facebook link below.

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Entertainment / Drama!

  • My Movies & Animation
    • "The National Environmental Policy Act"

      A short film that I wrote, directed and produced under contract to the U.S. Air Force in 1995.
  • Favorite Short Clips & Humor (most authors are unknown; mouse over videos to see start/stop controls)
    • "Women vs. Cars"
    • "Chance"
    • Will Ferrell - "Bush on Global Warming"
    • Johnny Carson & Dom DeLuise "Egg Trick"
    • Will Smith on the key to life

    • "Drugs I Need" (video)
    • Men Are Just Happier People
    • The Borg vs. Microsoft Windows
    • Poor Planning
    • Technology for You
    • Government Man's Dog
    • Suthern Humer Y'all
    • The Assistant Pastor

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Opinions & Editorials!  


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Information! -- Have your cake and eat it too!

  • How to eat right and enjoy it
    • Low fat is not enough and low calories are not the answer.

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My Favorite Information Resources
Writer's Resources
Environmental Information & Resources

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